70% of the beer made in Badani is sold in kegs to pubs and restaurants who “have chosen to invest in the quality of their product” points out Giorgio Masio.
“The sector has exploded over the last couple of years” adds the Altavia brewer. In Genoa, in particular, there are at least six places that serve top-quality beer, and more can be found along the Ligurian coast.

In Genoa there are at least six places that serve top-quality beer, and more can be found along the Ligurian coast

In Genoa, there are at least six places recommended by the Altavia brewer, Giorgio Masio: Scurreria Beer And Bagel (via di Scurreria, 22r), Ai Troeggi (via Chiabrera, 61r), Jalapeño (via della Maddalena, 52r), Kamun Lab (via di San Bernardo, 53r), Old Troll’s (via della Casette, 21), Beershop Maddalena (via della Maddalena, 50r).

More outlets in Liguria include Folkstudio (via Matteotti, 154, Arenzano, Genova), La Mangiatoia (viale Leonardo da Vinci, 2, Alassio, Savona), Due di Piccole (via Garibaldi, 112, Loano, Savona) and La Tana del Luppolo (via del Molo, 12r, Savona).

These are pubs where – explains Masio – “I’m happy to go and drink my beer or other craft beers”. One of the factors that have played a key role in the craft beer revolution that has taken place in Liguria is the decision to purchase a draught beer system, allowing outlets “to serve on draught whatever beer they like”, which is not possible when they are given a system on loan by a distributor.

A true revolution, probably linked to the presence, in the summer, of tourists from Lombardy and Piedmont, who are regular consumers of craft beer.

Deliveries are made by Giorgio and Emanuele, with a small van. Distribution does not involve delivering to private customers, as profit margins are too low. If you wish, though, you can purchase the Altavia beers directly from their tap room, , € 15 for six 33cc bottles. A strategic choice, which from the second half of 2018, after a birthday that was celebrated with an anniversary lager guarantees Giorgio and Emanuele a full-time wage, while Marco – who is in charge of admin – only works part-time.

Even in the pub in Sassello, in the old town, one of the draught lines is used for the Altavia Pils. “The other six lines are used for industrial products, but we wanted to be there anyway”. To worm their way in, to let customers know that a beer is produced in the area inland from Savona that seeks to tell the story of the local territory”.

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