NAME: Matteo Turrini
BUSINESS: Rebecco Farm
ADDRESS: Località Rebecco, frazione Lavone, Pezzaze (BRESCIA)
“ON CAMPUS” COURSE: ReStartAlp 2018

I am a farmer, but I chose to work in the accommodation sector because I don’t like remaining in my comfort zone. While attending the ReStartAlp “on campus” course, I met 14 boys and girls, each having a different mind-set. I was able to learn something from each and every one of them: it was a vital exchange”.

Matteo Turrini

Matteo Turrini studied to become an advertising graphic designer, but, after working for a few months in a firm, he decided to go back to thefamily farm and work with his father, Mario Alberto. “I have always given him a hand, but in spring 2020 I officially took over the farm” he says. The Turrini family grows apples and small fruits in Gardone Val Trompia and Pertica Alta, in the province of Brescia, between the valleys Val Trompia and Valsabbia.

“The business was established in 2007. Before that, my father was an employee at the municipality of Lumezzane, where he was in charge of coordinating the maintenance of public green areas – explains Matteo – Besides growing small fruits near the family home in Pertica Alta, we do gardening for private clients and manage the forests, selling wood for heating purposes”. At the age of 26, Matteo started a new life: since October 2020 he has indeed been the manager of Rebecco Farm, a holiday farm house that is also the new Centre for the valorisation and development of the rural culture of the Val Trompia area, based Lavone, – one of the hamlets of the municipality ofPezzaze (Brescia). Rebecco Farm is one of the objectives achieved as part of the project “Valli Resilienti”, (resilient valleys), carried out within the framework of AttivAree, Fondazione Cariplo’s programme devoted to inland areas.

The AttivAree "Valli Resilienti" project

AttivAree is a cross-sector programme promoted by Fondazione Cariplo in 2016 and aiming to enhance inland areas. In Lombardy, the programme was conceived to support and increase the attractiveness of the region’s inner areas by helping inhabitants, new residents, and potential investors, reducing their isolation, and sustaining related best practices.
More specifically, the programme enhanced sustainable local development, making the most of existing environmental, economic, social and cultural resources, as well as cooperation, solidarity, and a sense of belonging. The project, aimed at reviving the Brescia mountain areas, is devoted to the innermost territory of the valleys Val Trompia and Valsabbia, which – supported by the two Mountain Communities – have joined efforts to embrace change.

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