NAME: Eugenio Marsaglia
BUSINESS: Preskige
ADDRESS: piazza Fraiteve 5, Sestriere (TURIN)
“ON-CAMPUS” COURSE: ReStartAlp 2017

Date of publication: 09/02/2020

Preskige was established to offer clients high-quality, all-encompassing “vertical experiences”. We started out as a platform to connect skiers and ski instructors, but today we have expanded our activities to e-bikes, and we are also aiming for the sea. The ReStartAlp “on-campus” course was vital for me to acquire business management skills that I didn’t have and that have come in useful over the last few years in redesigning and adapting our business model”.

Eugenio Marsaglia

A number of e-bikes are lined up in front of Preskige, iPreskige’s headquarters in Piazza Fraiteve in Sestriere (Turin). This is the new initiative for summer 2020, an idea that Eugenio Marsaglia’s start-up – created to innovate the ski and snowboard – school sector – came up with after the Covid emergency: “We don’t rent them out – my partner Gigi has created some itineraries to follow in our mountains and we offer guided tours for adults, teenagers and children, at all levels” explains the young entrepreneur.

Eugenio Marsaglia – who was born in Rome in 1987 but has lived in Piedmont, between the Alps and Turin, since he was ten years old – won the 2017 ReStartAlp “on campus” course. His business project was a portal offering skiers wishing to perfect their technique the chance to find highly qualified instructors and teachers. Today, he has broadened his horizons: “Preskige has become a multi-sport platform offering exclusive experiences” he explains. The adjective “exclusive” reflects the concept of high-quality products. “Our primary objective was that of bringing in for “lessons” even long-time skiers, because the world of downhill skiing is constantly evolving in terms of techniques and materials, and schools or lessons should not be attended only by beginners and children. We want to contribute to making tourism in Sestriere less dependent on the seasons, and we believe that after the Covid emergency it is important to offer the prospect of a sustainable holiday” emphasises Marsaglia.


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