Chiara can rely on the help of Nonna Giorgina, who is 85 years old. She was born here and she knows everything about this place. She still comes to Casa Vallona to help her granddaughter roll out the pasta and welcome guests, entertaining them with cooking courses and workshops.

Nonna Giorgina

Twelve years of age, Chiara’s grandmother was living at Casa Vallona when, during World War II, the area was occupied by the Germans and frequently searched through army sweeps. She spent months living in the cellar, while the men were hiding in a shelter dug up near the well – an area of the property that has not as yet been opened to the public.
In the period after World War II, Casa Vallona was home to the local school, in replacement of the public building, which had become unusable due to bombing and housed a group of displaced women and children.
“Nonna Giorgina has witnessed the great history and farming traditions of this property – says Chiara – We reopened the door with her and life restarted from where it had been left. This is the most emotionally-charged portion of my story, the rest we created by building on the potential of this place”.

Our agricultural choices are rooted in the past, the organic method, the rediscovery of traditional vine growing, our approach to food: “I have chosen to only serve up to a maximum of ten people, so that I have time to come out and tell each of them about Casa Vallona. Today, the B&B has two bedrooms, with plans to continue with the renovation and create new communal spaces. The Apennines lend well to this type of facilities – explains Chiara. People that come here are looking forward to spending a romantic or family weekend amidst nature, they love good food and traditional Emilia cooking. It is around these elements that I designed our offering. But, most of all, I wanted to recreate a timeless dimension. My style is intentionally modest and simple, just like the farming tradition I come from”.
Our seasonal menu changes once a month. The price for a full meal – starter to dessert – is € 28 (excluding wine). Some of our culinary proposals are entirely unique, such as our toasted bread served with a vine leaf pesto.

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