In 2019 Colle Berardino produced about 3 tonnes of wheat, which in the supply chain is worth €80 per 100 kilograms (as a reference, while we are writing, the average prices on Bologna Commodity Exchange for an organic product like the one produced by the start-up based in Rocca Sinibalda is €27 per 100 kg – Author’s Note). «We intend to sell all the cereals we have produced to the Cooperative, then we may purchase back part of them, both for direct sales at our premises and to sell them at local markets or to ethical purchasing groups» explains Alice. Besides cereals, we also have legumes. In 2019 we sowed lentils, wild peas, and chickpeas, recording a yield of 500, 300 and 600 kilos, respectively.

Ethical Purchasing Groups

Ethical Purchasing Groups (Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale in Italian) are a system of spontaneously organised groups of people having an ethical approach to consumption and wishing to apply principles like fairness, solidarity, and sustainability whenever they purchase goods (mainly food or consumer goods). (Wikipedia)

In Rocca Sinibalda, Colle Berardino’s cereals, legumes, and other products, like oil, honey, processed and oil-preserved vegetables, are on sale at the village’s butcher’s shop. «The local butcher only butches animals from his own farm and he is happy to sell local products». The Town Administration too values the presence of businesses like Alice & Federico’s, to the extent that, as part of the National Strategy for Inland Areas, it has proposed to reclaim the former slaughterhouse and turn it into a processing laboratory managed by a consortium.

National Strategy for Inland Areas

The Monte Reatini inland area is one of the 72 inland areas identified in the experimental phase of Italy’s National Strategy for Inland Areas (Strategia Nazionale Aree Interne – SNAI). The SNAI strategy is a national policy, coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office, having a strong focus on the support and promotion of local communities. It is aimed at fostering the wealth and diversity of the most remote areas in Italy, improving the quality of the services offered to citizens and helping local residents envisage and implement innovative projects and change. SNAI makes available for the 72 identified inland areas funds allocated by the State and by the EU, as part of the structural funds for social cohesion policies.
Rocca Sinibalda is one of the 31 municipalities of the Monti Reatini inland area.

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